Our unique blend of capabilities supports all of our service offerings and enables us to deliver maximum benefits to our clients. Furthermore, we are able to work with our clients at all levels of their organizations to affect knowledge transfer.


Contracting Best Practices

We believe we are the premier contracting consultancy in the world, and we have the processes and intellectual capital to back up this belief. We first address a contract strategically to understand what are the business objectives it is trying to achieve. Then we take an in-depth, detailed approach to bring together the most effective and efficient provisions into a contract to deliver results against those objectives. Supporting this process is a extensive provision library which spans across contract dimensions. We work tirelessly to be innovators in structuring provisions for contracted relationships and capturing these innovations so that we can readily draw upon them in support of our clients.

Financial Engineering

We blend together financial theory, methods in engineering, tools of mathematics and modeling in the same way  securities, banking, and financial management firms do  to understand, structure and implement value creation opportunities and optimize risks.

Negotiations Innovations

In order to support our multi-dimensional “go-to-market” approach, we developed new breakthrough methodologies of negotiating which allow trading for value vs. focusing on price. And, our approach is proving its effectiveness at driving better outcomes than traditional negotiations every time we use it with our clients.

Supply Chain Knowledge

Understanding the complete value chain is key to defining the total cost-to-serve and total cost-of-ownership of a product/service. And, aligning supply chain incentives through contracting is the best way to manage these costs. Through our deep understanding of supply chain dynamics and contracting, we know how to structure provisions between buyers and sellers for maximum supply chain effectiveness. For example, our Demand Management Contracting expertise helps clients appropriately price different demand profiles.

Risk Management

Risk management and contracting should be integrated processes, and value is lost when they are addressed separately. We are the only firm that has formally integrated risk management and contracting into one coherent process which encompasses the entire commercial relationship from beginning to end.