Robert A. Endres


Robert Endres is a pioneer and thought leader in the fields of contracting effectiveness and financial risk management of contracts and is a frequent speaker at numerous events. Prior to founding Synaptic Decisions, Mr. Endres was President and CEO of Shell Chemical Risk Management Company for 6 years. He built the business into a global market maker and risk management consultancy, helping refiners, chemical buyers and suppliers structure contracts, optimize production assets, evaluate investment opportunities and manage financial risks. His experience in contract structuring spans sales, procurement, alliance, franchise, real estate, joint ventures and engineering and construction agreements.

Previously, as Global Marketing Director for Shell Chemicals' Coatings Division, Mr. Endres formed, launched, and headed Shell’s first international Coatings Marketing Unit. As one of the 15 members of Business Transformation Team at Shell Oil, Mr. Endres assisted in the development of a new Business Model for Shell. He led the team’s business and marketing strategy practice, the most requested of the group’s several offerings to Shell’s internal businesses. Mr. Endres also held head office assignments in Product Economics and Corporate Planning. Prior to joining Shell, he was an investment banker with Chase Manhattan Bank, Mining and Minerals Division, NY and, prior to that, an exploration and production geophysicist with Mobil Oil.

Mr. Endres received his MBA in Finance from University of Chicago and his Masters Degree in Geophysics from Columbia University.

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Jarvis T. Cheung


Jarvis Cheung has extensive experience in the valuation and financial risk analysis of commercial contracts, operating assets, investments and divestitures. He is responsible for the development of Synaptic Decisions’ proprietary financial models, analytical tools and risk management process.

Prior to co-founding Synaptic Decisions in 2004, Jarvis held a number of commercial and technology positions in Shell's downstream businesses for over 12 years. His experience spanned from research and development of new technologies for refineries and chemical plants, tactical asset allocation for the pension portfolio, new business development, commodity trading and risk management in the highly illiquid chemical markets, and contract valuation, portfolio evaluation and financial risk analyses associated with asset investments and divestitures for various businesses and joint ventures.

Early in his career, his model development work at Shell Pension Trust resulted in "adding the greatest value during the year from a field of 50 advisors, consultants, banks and other service providers" for the Manager of the Year Award, 1996. As VP Technology and Operations, Jarvis helped build Shell Chemical Risk Management Company into a profitable business with turnover of over $400MM in 2001. From 2001 to 2003, he was on special assignment to Shell's head office in London as team leader to provide investment risk assessment for capital projects in China, Singapore, Middle-East and the US totaled over $5B. He was a winner of the Champions of Excellence Award for 2001/2002 and a number of other special recognition awards at Shell.

Jarvis earned his Sc.D. in Chemical Engineering from MIT, and B.S., Highest Distinction, in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics from University of Wisconsin at Madison. He completed the Executive Program for International Management from Stanford and National University of Singapore, the Emerging Leader Program from the Global Institute for Leadership Development and the Chemical Business Management Program from Shell. He is a certified Financial Risk Manager.

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