Businesses achieve their objectives and deliver results either through internal or external relationships, and, whether buying or selling, external relationships should be governed by well-formed contracts.  

Unfortunately, too often contracts are an afterthought, and they don’t capture the elements leading to a successful relationship and the desired results are not achieved. A well-formed contract captures these elements and aligns counterparties to help ensure business objectives are achieved and results are delivered.

Contracts are commercial relationships formalized!

In order to develop well-formed contracts, contracting must be an integral part of the entire process forming the relationship from developing the strategy, structuring offerings, negotiating, through ensuring resulting value delivery.

Through our years of innovative work, we have developed the next generation process for contracting which translates business objectives into results.

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The cornerstone of our process is Value Based Contracting which is a revolutionary approach to extracting value from relationships, and aligns organizations and motivates internal resources.

Strategy describes how objectives are to be acheived through Value Based Contracting.

Value Assurance focuses on ensuring that contracts in place are delivering the results they are meant to achieve.