Synaptic Decisions is the world leader in contracting effectiveness solutions.  Through our Value Based Contracting offering we close the gaps in traditional approaches to contracting, negotiations, and risk management.

Contracting commonly falls short of its potential to inform the design of product / service offerings, capture opportunities and guide a win-win exchange of value and risks.  Ideation, negotiation, contracting and risk management are commonly viewed as separate elements of the deal making process, with only loose, temporal connections.

Value Based Contracting links key business functions in an integrated approach to opportunity and risk identification, deal framing and design, negotiation, trading and implementation.  It’s helping companies be more profitable, address risks and achieve a competitive advantage.   And, through using the process, the roles of purchasing, marketing, sales and contracting professionals are greatly enriched.

For our clients, the end results are sales contracts achieving higher margins and purchase contracts achieving a lower total cost of ownership.