Synaptic Decisions will be a sponsor of the IACCM EMEA 2008 "Making Sense Of Opportunity and Risk: The Journey To Contracting Excellence" Conference which will be held September 22-24, 2008, in London, UK. Additionally, Synaptic Decisions’ CEO, Bob Endres, will be a featured speaker and panelist at the conference.

About the conference 

Whether consciously or unconsciously, today's organisations are shifting their focus away from contracts as a document and increasingly viewing 'contracting' as a process through which outcomes must be monitored and measured.

In today's networked world, trading relationships are critical to success. Attracting and selecting the right partners, building collaborative relationships that deliver value, innovation and efficiency and adopting systems and organisation that oversee supply chain integrity - these are the characteristics of companies that deliver quality, control costs and achieve growth.

In this world, organisations must be capable of viewing risk in a holistic form - they must understand how their behaviors and capabilities impact successful business outcomes, the economic impacts of their policies and practices and the drivers for negotiated variations and change.

And it all begins with contracting; the process by which the right relationships are selected, negotiated, documented, managed and adjusted.

In a world where organisation is increasingly defined by its ability to manage relationships, contracting excellence is no longer a peripheral issue. It has become a critical competence.

Join us as we map the journey to world-class performance.