Latest Innovation in Risk Management Software Provides Risk Managers A Better Way to Manage Risk

Houston, TX (Aug 10, 2010) -- Synaptic Decisions, a leading provider of risk management consulting to Fortune 500 companies, announces the release of RiskPro© risk management software to make chief risk officers’ life easier in implementing a consistent and integrative risk management framework.

Robert Endres, a seasoned risk professional who was the President and CEO of Shell Chemical Risk Management Company for 6 years, is the Managing Partner of Synaptic Decisions, a Houston-based global management consulting firm.  He said “Providing organizations solutions to ensure all material risks are owned and managed and optimizing risk-return is the core focus of our business.  RiskPro© allows a company, regardless of its size, to better identify, quantify, track, and manage risks to achieve a better business outcome.”

Businesses today are facing a broad array of risks spanning supply chain interruptions, project and contract failures, legal liabilities, credit events, accidents, natural disasters and even terrorism.  The need for visibility into risks, prioritization of risks and efficient resource investment and collaboration in treatment of risks has never been greater. Fulfilling that need helps protect an organization’s assets and ability to perform their mission and sustain shareholder value.

RiskPro© is a software solution that is easily configurable to fit your organization’s risk management methodology.  It provides a holistic view of risk exposures across the enterprise or a portfolio, enables efficient prioritization and assessment of key risks, and ensures effective and efficient use of resources to manage and treat risks.

To learn more about RiskPro© and download the brochure visit here

About Synaptic Decisions
Synaptic Decisions is a specialty consultancy focused on helping clients achieve step change improvements in business results through integration of strategy, risk management, negotiations, and contracting.