Companies today are faced with a highly competitive landscape where it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate their products and services from the competition.   At the same time, the speed with which risks develop and the magnitude of those risks are increasing. World class sales and marketing strategies need to drive competitive differentiation in a highly uncertain world.

Synaptic Decisions helps clients develop and implement world class sales and marketing strategies. Through our sales and marketing strategy offering, we work with our clients to:

  • Segment customers
    We define segments based on wants & needs that customers truly value
  • Identify value creation opportunities for each segment
    We use a holistic framework that incorporates buyer wants & needs, value chain analysis, and risk assessment to identify game changing value creation opportunities in each segment
  • Evaluate and prioritize segments
    From the identified opportunities we determine the overall value that can be derived from each segment using a risk adjusted valuation approach
  • Develop execution plans to capture identified opportunities
    We design and can help implement plans that fit your objectives, whether it is to address all opportunities simultaneously or to roll-out a phased initiative