Companies today rely more on their external supply chains than ever.  Products and services represent an increasingly large share of total expenses for most companies. As such, sourcing strategies are a key strategic imperative.

Synaptic Decisions helps clients develop and implement world class enterprise sourcing strategies. Through our sourcing strategy offering, we work with our clients to:

  • Identify the best areas to target
    We use sophisticated analysis techniques to identify the highest opportunity areas and areas that are easily overlooked
  • Define break-through sourcing strategies and align sourcing strategies with business strategy and supply market dynamics
    We quickly identify the most significant factors impacting and the business needs driving your supply chain and incorporate these into sourcing strategies
  • Develop execution plans to capture identified sourcing opportunities
    We design and can help implement plans that fit your objectives, whether it is to address all opportunities simultaneously or to roll-out a phased initiative
  • Install capabilities to renew and execute sourcing strategies to capture and sustain benefits
    We transform companies by aligning key sourcing processes with key business processes and developing a supporting organizational structure